The Why Behind Your Z's Podcast episode about fatal familial insomnia
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The Why Behind Your Z’s Podcast Episode 7- Can You Die From Insomnia?

Can you die from insomnia?


But what are the odds?

Very slim. And I explain why, even though chronic insomnia feels like death, scientifically you likely won’t die directly from insomnia symptoms. There IS an insomnia-related, death-causing disease that affects a very small population.

Are you part of that population?  I highly doubt it.

For a time, I felt like *I* was going to one day die from it! I was in the military and around heavy cargo planes. There were days where I just couldn’t sleep and I didn’t understand why because I was always physically exhausted.

Thank goodness I eventually figured out the causes of my insomnia and that, even though I wanted to die, insomnia in itself wasn’t a disease, but a symptom of my causes!

What I *didn’t* have is Fatal Familial Insomnia. And in an odd way, that was relieving.

Learn about the Fatal Familial Insomnia symptoms in this episode of the “Why Behind Your Z’s”.

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