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The Why Behind Your Z’s Episode 2- Four Life Domains that Impact Sleep

The Why Behind Your Z's Episode 2- Four Life Domains that Impact Sleep

Episode 2 of “The Why Behind Your Z’s gets to the meat of the matter and what I learned to fix my sleep issues.

Through much trial and error and validation after I became a certified sleep science coach, I noticed that the most helpful sleep hygiene techniques settle in specific life domains.

There are four life domains that have the most impact on your sleep, and a fifth domain that unites them all.

Understanding your challenges and strengths in these domains can add hours to your sleep faster.

This episode explores the four domains- Nutrition, Body, Bedroom, and Mindspace- and some practical ways you can use to help your sleep as soon as now!

As I said earlier, balancing hormones is the key to improving your sleep. Each action within the domains contributes to that hormonal balance. 

The actions are different for each person.  By listening to this episode, you’ll be pointed in the right directions as to what’s going to help you the most.

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