Hulk Hogan inspired me to take the right vitamins that help sleep, like vitamin D.

Why Behind Your Z’s Podcast Episode 3- Hulking Up On Vitamin D

Episode 3 of The Why Behind Your Z’s focuses on Vitamin D.

What do the experts mean when they say Vitamin D is good for your sleep? I explain the “why” behind Vitamin D for sleep there are 2 types of Vitamin D!), how much you need, and the best sources, no matter your dietary style. 

I loved making this episode because it was a nostalgic trip back to the early days of Hulkamania. I was definitely influenced as a kid.

I just didn’t realize that, decades later, some of his advice would influence fixing my sleep issues!

This episode features old Hulk Hogan commercials, how vitamin D helps with sleep, and how easy it is to get vitamin D.

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