My sleep issues started when I was in the United States Air Force.

I encountered many nights of insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night for “no reason”, and even sleep

Paul Bright, CSSC
Paul Bright, CSSC,
US Air Force Veteran

paralysis, where I felt like I was being buried alive. 

These battles continued during my service and years after.

The bad habits, unaddressed trauma, multiple time zone shifts that led to my lack of sleep permeated through my mental health career, until I started researching deep into how sleep is “supposed” to work. 

 I want to do that for YOU, so that you get the sleep you deserve.

In addition to my Sleep Coach training I bring to you all my experience, my Masters’ level education in Counseling and in Organizational Leadership to help educated and design a system that works for not just you but those around you.

Let me join you on your journey!