why does your brain wake up when you want to sleep, and what can you do about it?
Podcast,  The Why Behind Your Z's Podcast

The Why Behind Your Z’s Episode 5- Why Does My Brain Wake Up When I Go To Bed?

This episode helps answer a question I often get asked: why can’t I fall asleep at night? Why does my brain start to overthink? I explore two of the main reasons why this happens- your brain’s neurotransmitter speeds at bed time, and  emotional dysregulation after midnight. I will also give you two practical solutions to what you can do to help your brain go silent and stay silent when you go to bed: down shift, then distract.

You’ll hear how I had this challenge after my military career and when I started working with the homeless as well as foster care cases. Shutting my brain down after work and before bed was so tough! Once I learned why it was happening and how I could down shift and distract, the work was still there, but the sleep was easier, and I was more prepared to deal with it the next day.

This show is supported by our friends at the Creative Copes Podcast. Two awesome ladies that deal with their mental and physical struggles by finding humorous and practical coping mechanisms. Listen to best friends who will instantly become YOUR best friend.

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