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Do Sleep Medications Really Work? An Interview with A Doctor Who Says “No!”

Season 2 of “The Why Behind Your Z’s” will feature interviews with other experts in the field, and I thought it best to start with a medical doctor.

Dr. Arjun Iyer is an emergency medicine physician and a host on USMLE’s medical podcast, the Audio Bricks Podcast.

In this episode, we do more than just talk about prescribed sleep medications and their efficacy. 

Major talking points in this episode:

  • His experiences with sleep-deprived patients
  • Why Cannabis and other similar properties are inconsistent with sleep support
  • How he’s limited to prescribing hypnotics, even though he doesn’t believe they truly address sleep disorders
  • Counter-intuitive advice we have about how to get back to sleep when you wake in the middle of the night

Here is a link to the full episode.

This podcast is partly sponsored by the Creative Copes podcast. Listen to part 1 of my guest appearance here!

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