Veteran Support

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As a Veteran who has experienced several sleep disorders during and after service, I know that we have specific issues that contribute to sleep issues. This page will highlight resources that address those challenges.

“Why Veterans Suck At Sleep (And How To Fix It)”

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why veterans suck at sleep free chapterMy upcoming book is written FOR veterans like me who have realized that, after service, have problems sleeping. I put this book together with veterans in mind: explaining the “why” behind our sleep issues and ways to fix them using science and military know-how.

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VA Compensation and Pension Rating Guide

It’s never too late to file a claim for disabilities that started while you were in service, or related disabilities. This includes sleep apnea. Here is a link to the CFR guide outlining the VA rating for sleep apnea disorders (diagnostic code 6847). If you feel that your sleep disorder is related to sleep apnea or other diagnoses and conditions like PTSD and/or allergies, get with your local Veterans Service Officer to start the claim process.

True Mental Health Support- IAVA

From the IAVA Quick Reaction Force mental health services page.

The Iran Afghanistan Veterans of America is a non-profit group that provides resources and legislation advocacy for post 9/11 veterans.

One aspect of service is their Quick Reaction Force page, that includes immediate mental health services. They expand beyond phone calls and appointments; you can participate in chat lines and groups for mental health support. Doing so can help relieve any anxiety and stressors that are keeping you up at night. And the best people to talk to are those who have “been there, done that”.

Click here to get immediate help.

Migraine Support

Migraines can last all day and seemingly come out of nowhere! Veterans who deployed to combat zones experience chronic migraines 36% MORE than civilians! They can wreck all the stress-reducing hormone production you need all day to sleep peacefully at night.

The Chronic Migraine Awareness Organization offers knowledge and support for dealing with migraines and, for a limited time, offer FREE migraine support tools. (Thanks for this info, Auby!)