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My Guided Meditations help with getting you to sleep by simultaneously relaxing your mind and body. You may be surprised with the results! Here is a testimony from one of my clients.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) exercises help you relax by  gently contracting and relaxing muscle groups from top your head to the tips of your toes.  PMR can help release any nervous energy and tension in your body.

It starts with establishing a relaxed environment before I guide your breathing to create a relaxed mind. From there, the PMR, music and setting of your choice lead both your brain and your body into a more blissful sleep.

Here’s a sample from the Beach Themed mediation :



Beach and Forest settings are available for purchase. Click for the price, and add to your cart!


Nature and Music Sleeping Guide

If you’re feeling sleepy but your brain seems to be going 100 mph,  this product is for you. I include binaural beats, which help you get to sleep faster.

Your brain’s electrical pulses match the trajectory of your thoughts and actions. If you’re working and active, the pulses are faster. If you’re sleepy, they are slower. These tracks are engineered to include binaural beats that can match your brain’s pulses.

I designed these tracks to match Theta waves, which are associated with pre-sleep, and into Delta waves, which indicate deep, restorative sleep. Listen to a sample below:

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Binaural beat music with waves